Top 10 Best Android Apps to Download in 2021

best android apps

Top 10 Best Android Apps to Download in 2021

Hello guys, Welcome back to CyberStream. Today I came with an amazing article “Top 10 Best Android Apps to Download in 2021“. Without wasting our time let’s get started.

best android apps
best android apps

List of Top 10 Best Android Apps to Download in 2021


Stellarium: is a planetarium app that exactly shows you what to see when looking up at the sky or stars. You guys can identify stars, constellations, planets, comets, satellites even you can track ISS and you can view this in real-time just by pointing your phone at the sky. This app is really useful if you guys love to astrograph. Well, I use Stellarium for finding planets like mars, Saturn Jupiter, and many cool things. So give it a shot with Stellarium, if you love to find planets’ stars, galaxy in real-time. This is one of the best android apps.


The Blockade is an open-source DNS app that lets you the power to have an ad-free browsing experience to see only the content that you like. I have also made a video on how to watch anime for free using blockade. So if you are interested check out by clicking on my card. The best part of this app is it doesn’t require any root permission, It supports every web browser and apps.

It even helps you from malicious content, viruses. And fraudulent websites by blocking them. Therefore you should be using blockade for faster browsing by blocking ads. Even increase the battery life of your device by loading fewer data. So if you’re interested, try blockade. It’s awesome.


The Asteroid is a live wallpaper application. With this 3d asteroid live wallpaper, you can observe asteroids from deep corners of the galaxy. If you just like static mode this application will display one photo every 10 seconds. It’s going to be useful if you want to save battery life. And I think this is the only 3d asteroid wallpaper with tons of customization that you can find in the play store.


So try it out Windscribe VPN is the best android app and also something that secures Wifi and helps you protect your privacy online. Best part? It’s positively free to use while offering up to 10GB of bandwidth per month if you supply an email address that is confirmed! That’s something you need to use really! With Windscribe VPN, you may never mess with confusing settings and choice menus again; You can simply turn it on and forget about it.

With your email signup You can use it on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Windows PC, or as a browser add-on for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera for thirty days. Because this app is cross-platform so you can download it on any operating system.

Free Features:

• Windscribe Encrypts your entire data so nobody can spy on your Internet activities

• With a free plan you can Access servers in 10 nations (Including the US, Canada, UK, and more) whereas pro feature include

• Unlimited bandwidth

• Unlimited connections

• Access to servers in over 60 countries and over 110 data-centers So try this awesome VPN. Pro-tip you can always use any random email for an extra 10 gigs of bandwidth or reset the app and use VPN without email.!

Volume Styles

Volume Styles lets you customize your phone’s full amount panel and sliders. Change the colors, apply various themes such as iOS & MIUI, change the position, and more! You’ve got full control. You may even add shortcuts which are extra the volume panel, and change the brightness, to make accessing things faster. Volume Styles also features a customized StyleCreator where you can customize things to the extreme.

Simply favorite a style in the Style Feedto conserve it for later on, or put it on immediately with a single tap. You can Change which volume sliders are shown. You can even add a brightness slider if you wanted to. You can easily apply any style to your volume slider in just one tap which is awesome. So customize & Style the volume panel exactly how you like. All the best.

Liquid Teardown

Liquid Teardown: Now if you guys have an AMOLED Screen with an always-on display then this is the must-have app for you. Liquid Teardown is an easy and neat app that lets you charge your phone with amazing style. You can get an inside look at your phone internals all while being able to get a quick look at how much your battery is charged.

You can also customize as you want but it requires a one-time purchase. With the free version, you can still have a cool looking AOD while you guys charge. The downside of this app is Always-on display and many of the devices are not even supported. But if your device is compatible then you must try this awesome app. So good luck! 

Super Status Bar

Super Status Bar adds useful tweaks to your status bars such as gestures, notification preview, and brightness that is the quick volume control. Everything about the application and its particular tweaks is fully customizable, You can Apply styles such as iOS 14 status club, MIUI 12and Android R. U can Easily change the amount of brightness simply by swiping along the status bar which is awesome.

It is able to immediately detect the sort of sound playing. If you’re playing music, you can swipe along the status bar and change your music volume. You can show battery level as a bar that is small the status bar It even Animates when you guys are charging your phone.

Also, this app is fully customizable with colors and positioning You should use simple gestures in the status bar to perform actions that can be custom Including tap, double-tap, long-press, and swipe left/right You can Hide status bar icons that you don want to see Also Your able to change the color of icons and the status bar background So have fun customizing your status bar with a super status bar.


Diffuse: If you guys Want Apple Music’s real-time Lyrics Dynamic Background feature in your Android phone, and additionally with other music players Then you should be using meet Diffuse, A wallpaper that is life blurs your current playing album art and displays it as an abstract, fluid-like way in real-time. The background also moves once the beat drops with residing Beats.

It is alive, vibrant, and it never ever gets old. This is a free (trial) version of Diffuse, having an interval that is locked of art syncing. To make album art syncing automatically and free through the interval that is locked You need to buy the full version of IAP or the standalone full version of the app With diffuse you could have fluid that isreal-time art music visualization and live beats guys have great music with diffuse.

YT Advanced

YT Advance youtube advanced is a popular modded version of YouTube. It adds a number of features to the official youtube app, including built-in ad blocking, background playback, black/dark themes, and much more. It adds a number of features that you guys will never find in the official YouTube app from Google.

Youtube Vanced Includes

* ad blocking

* background playback without YouTube Premium

* Force HDR Mode * Override Max Resolution

* Pinch to Zoom For All Devices

* Picture-in-Picture Video

* Repeat Videos

* Swipe controls for Volume & Brightness.

You can even block sponsored ads with this, Yes it is full of great features that you guys will never get in official yt apps. So what are you waiting for, try out advanced for a better youtube experience 🙂


Wavelet is one of the best Android apps that can make your headphones sound much better with automatic EQ. You can improve the sound quality of yourAndroid device often this requires root access, but that is not the case for Wavelet Because it doesn’t require root access.

While the app is designed primarily for headphones, it also works with the phone’s speakers and even Bluetooth speakers. You can use AutoEq to equalize your headphones. The graph visualizes the compensation applied. Legacy mode is a limited-functionality mode that offers maximum compatibility.

Depending on your device manufacturer’s audio framework implementation, it should work with most music apps that come preinstalled on your phone. For example, Tidal, YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Neutron, and PowerAmp.

The best part you can also choose different headset presents which basically make your headset sounds similar to the preset you have chosen. If your device is not compatible with this app they’re still is an alternative solution which is by installing jet audio because I have a similar feature as this app. Enjoy listening to music with a wavelet. Well, That’s it.

Hope you guys love this article “Top 10 Best Android Apps to Download in 2021“. Keep visitning.

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