7 Tips to Quit Smoking

Today, there are many different people trying to find out how to stop smoking naturally. Smoking has been a part of their lives for years, and they have finally decided that enough is enough and are ready to make a change. When it comes to quitting smoking, one of the most important tips is to find motivation. Finding motivation will require that you sit down and try to visualize yourself as non-smokers.

7 Tips to Quit Smoking Permanently

1) Tip No.1 – Understand why you smoke. This is one of the hardest things to do, but it can be done. In order to change your behavior, you have to know why you smoke. Once you have made this determination, then you can begin the process of changing your life. Some of the reasons that people smoke include stress, loneliness, lack of self-confidence, and weight loss.

2) Tip No.2 – Once you have made this determination, then you need to figure out a way to break the habit. There are many people who try to stop smoking in one way or another. They may use nicotine gum, patches, sprays, lozenges, and other products. Each person reacts differently to these products. Many people have found that hypnosis can help them. Hypnosis has been proven to help people with a variety of addictions and can be effective in breaking the smoking habit.

3) Tip No.3 – Many people who have successfully fought their addiction and quit smoking also swear by yoga and other relaxation techniques. Yoga has helped people deal with stress, anxiety, and depression, and can be beneficial in fighting a craving for tobacco. There are also several self-help programs available on the Internet that have worked for people who have successfully quit smoking. Some of these programs include e-books, videos, and CDs.

4) Tip No.4 – If you are a smoker, then you should look around your house before you go out. You will find that there are a lot of smokers’ products that you don’t need. Think about what you would be able to use instead, like paper towels, toothpaste, bleach, and cleaners for your car. These are all things that you could use in your home to help you get through your withdrawal symptoms.

5) Tip No.5 – Another thing that you can do is talk to people who have successfully stopped smoking. Find out how they managed to quit and what they did to get rid of their addictions. You should ask them what they were able to do to stop smoking. Never turn away from a person who is dying to quit because you think they won’t want to talk to you. It is always a good idea to listen to someone who is trying to quit. They may have some advice that will help you tremendously.

6) Tip No.6 – See your doctor regularly. Nicotine is addictive. It gets into your body just as drugs are. Your doctor can check to see if you are taking any of the drugs that cause your addiction, and he can also look for problems in your lungs that may be causing you to smoke. He may write you a script that you can read when you first start smoking, and he can show you pictures to remind you to stay away from cigarettes.

7) Tip No.7 – If you are a smoker, you probably know someone who has successfully quit smoking. Ask them for tips to quit smoking permanently. Many people will be happy to share with you their secrets. Don’t be afraid to ask someone who has suffered from smoking too. They can tell you why it is important to stop smoking.


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