10 Tips to Become a Gentleman

If you want everybody should respect you and love you then you should try to become a Gentleman and to help you, Here are 10 tips to become a gentleman.

10 Tips to Become a Gentleman

1) Appreciate the ladies – If you’re with a beautiful woman, appreciate her. Always dress nicely, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing. A woman loves it when men take the time to notice them and dress nicely.

2) Don’t judge a book by its cover – You might think that someone who is wearing a wrinkled shirt and mismatched socks is trashy, but in many cases, these people have been seen on television or in magazines more often than not. Women like guys who take care of themselves, even if they aren’t primping and looking perfect. In fact, they’ll probably be wearing mismatched socks!

3) Don’t be afraid to say no – If a woman has been making fun of your penis size for too long, it’s time to shut her down. It doesn’t matter how many times she tells you it’s tiny compared to hers. If she continues to make fun of you, don’t get defensive. Instead, stand your ground and tell her that you’re fed up with her being disrespectful.

4) Develop a Personality – Just because you’ve been told that you’re nice, doesn’t mean you’re going to act nice. You’ll have to develop a certain personality. Some guys are very good at acting nice but have nothing else to offer. They don’t understand that women want to be with someone who will listen to them, who they can open up to, who doesn’t take advantage of them. When you’re around women, be an example.

5) Step outside your comfort zone – Most men know that they won’t ever be anything without their buddies. However, most women don’t know this. They think you should be yourself, but that’s just not true. Women appreciate the man who is willing to challenge them, even though it may be uncomfortable for them.

6) Let your woman know that she is the best – If she knows that you think she’s the best, she’ll feel appreciated. She’ll also know that you think she deserves the best in life, which means she can do anything she wants. If you never let a woman know that you think she’s the best, she won’t feel appreciated by you. Instead, she’ll constantly feel that you’re out to take her for granted.

7) Speak up when you have something important to say – Many men sit silently while their partner speaks. This is just not acceptable. Stand up, get attention, and really say what’s on your mind.

8) Women love romantic gestures – Plan some time in your schedule to do something out of the ordinary for her. A day at the spa might be just what your relationship needs. It’ll show her that you have a great sense of style!

9) Try new foods – Try out some new restaurants or take her to a fancy dinner. Women love it when men are willing to put them in new environments. Don’t be afraid to let your interests show!

10) Show your ladies that you value them – Women appreciate being appreciated. The more you value them, the more they’ll value you. This will go a long way to helping you become a well-groomed gentleman.

Use these tips to become a gentleman every single day. Don’t hide who you are from your partner. Don’t use physical intimacy as an excuse to leave your wife and children in the dark. You’ll be surprised by how much she’ll appreciate the effort that you put into becoming a gentleman.



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